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Externally 19, Internally 91

I’m just too young to be so old.

I initially wanted to title this blog post “I Feel Old” but figured it was way too fluffy and generic sounding. I remembered this conversation I had with one of my “friends” (I put friends in quotation marks because were only virtual friends at the moment) (also fuck you covid 19, this is YOUR FAULT)

on Discord, where we discussed how we both felt old although we’re only 19, and me being the jokester I am, responded with “we’re both externally 19, and internally 91”. And the title of this post quickly emerged! Continue reading “Externally 19, Internally 91”

Poor People Are Privileged

I created a term that doesn’t yet exist for thoughts that often arise, in order to make sense of my own emotions. The term is β€œpoor privilege”, and yes it means exactly what it sounds like: feeling privileged while being poor. It’s a super weird, strange, and odd feeling that I frequently have. Is it possible for poor people to be privileged when we’re already at a heightened disadvantage? The short answer is β€œNo”, there simply isn’t any privilege in poverty; however I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I am equal parts both poor and privileged.

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