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This dirty bitch named Faye eats lollipops for breakfast

every damn day

She started talking to me telling me some sad ass cry baby story about her childhood

You know

Eating lollipops, living in a house that wants to eat her alive, sleeping with household pets like rats and roaches. And I

donโ€™t care.

I shouldnโ€™t care

It isnโ€™t my problem, or my problems

I got my own shit to deal with

My own shitty life

And I donโ€™t even like Faye

I canโ€™t stand that girl

She makes my blood boil

Sheโ€™s a fat lazy slob that eats lollipops for breakfast

every damn day

Says she canโ€™t afford to eat actual meals

I call it bull shit

She wants to blame her weight gain and depressive thoughts on poverty

You know what, fuck Faye

Always blaming someone

Always pointing her nearly broken finger at someone

Someone else

other than her

Pointing it

At me

At you

At her family

God I hate Faye

I wanna pull her intestines out of her body just like silly string

This fat bitch keeps eating these red and white striped lollipops

every damn day

She claims she doesnโ€™t know any better

Sheโ€™s never been taught any better

But thatโ€™s not my concern

Grow the fuck up Faye

I hate her

This fat lazy son of a bitch

I mean daughter of a bitch

Doesnโ€™t do shit

But lay down and lick her fingers all day

Shoving those sticks down her sore throat

Scraping all the mucus out

But today was different, I saw Faye

But Faye didnโ€™t look like Faye

She had no lollipops

Her eyes look terrified

Her clothes disheveled

She asked me to listen her, to just listen and not speak

so I said โ€œokโ€

She was feeling the worst sheโ€™s ever felt mentally

Her body was beginning to break down

Her breaking point had been reached

She had been lied to

Spit on

Led on

She was now immobile

curled up into a ball

She was dying


She was now destroyed

Her head was, mushy, limp, rotten

Her teeth was, broken, loose, rotten

Her brain was, droopy, black, rotten

Reminiscent of spoiled spinach leaves

That lives in the back of my refrigerator

She started blabbering on about this โ€œhouse trying to eat her aliveโ€ nonsense again

I blacked out for a few seconds

I couldnโ€™t handle listening to her stupidity

She told me she was living in a shit hole

A house

A clustered storage unit

An overcrowded closet

This thing that outsiders call a home

It had a mouth


It was trying to kill her

Murder her,

destroy her

Take her

Consume her

It wanted her bad

It was starting to eat her alive and turn her brain into mashed potatoes

This shit hole she was living in

A house

A clustered storage unit

An overcrowded closet

This thing that outsiders call a home

It wanted to swallow her whole

It wasnโ€™t eating her limb by limb

It wanted all of her

It wouldnโ€™t spit her out of its mouth

This house refuses to let her out

It wonโ€™t loosen up its tight grip around her waist

Her neck

Trapping her like a scarf in the winter

This house was now a snake

Not the sneaky kind

The kind that swallows itโ€™s prey whole

Sheโ€™s drowning in this houses saliva



Hello my name is Maigelle (May-Jell) I'm a native New Yorker and Brooklynite. Creative writing/ literary realism is my love.

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