Hi, my name is Maigelle pronounced (May- Jell). Before you ask let me answer: โ€œYes Iโ€™m Americanโ€, โ€œNo my name isnโ€™t Frenchโ€ and โ€œNo my name doesnโ€™t have a meaningโ€. Okay moving along, with my introduction. Iโ€™m a native New Yorker, a Brooklynite, and a social work major, thatโ€™s been creating short stories and poetry for over 10 years, literally.

One of my wildest goals is to live in every state within the United States for a month. I love baking carrot cakes, Iโ€™m obsessed with Halloween & brown sugar pop tarts. My spirit animal is Harambe & my favorite color is orange.

I often day dream of becoming the best black female social worker in this world. I also day dream of transforming into the Grinch & stealing every box of Kelloggโ€™s brown sugar pop tarts off my supermarketโ€™s shelves.

But for real though, Iโ€™m really cool & I love to write. I created my very 1st blog over a year ago and deleted it soon after. I managed to only publish a single post that I was very proud of. At the time, writing wasnโ€™t something I wanted to fully commit too, and I jumped into blogging way too fast without doing any solid research.

But this time I did, and before I created a new site I made sure to write 10 samples that I was really proud of. And now Iโ€™m here, Iโ€™m enjoying it & I have a lot of shit to say.

I hope that whoever reads this, feels welcomed enough to stay along as I figure this blog thing out, continue to read what Iโ€™ve written, & leave a comment. I encourage everyone to do so. I’d really love & appreciate it.